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Cholera Epidemics

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Cholera reached Britain in 1831. By 1832 it was an epidemic with over 21,000 people in Britain dying of cholera that year.

Cholera was a bacterial disease that caused widespread panic as no-one knew the cause of it.

  • Cholera spreads when infected sewage gets into the drinking water (though people did not know this until the research of John Snow in 1853).
  • Both rich and poor caused and caught the disease.
  • People did not know what caused the disease. The best theory was miasma (disease spreading through unhealthy smells in the air).
  • The government started regulating the burial of the dead, but this did little to help.
  • Cholera epidemics reocurred in 1848, 1853-54 and 1865-66.

Symptoms of Cholera

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