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Health and the People

Designed for GCSE History students, by GCSE History students, this website is packed full of information and primary sources to help you revise the Health and the People topic.

Beginnings of Change

Revise Renaissance Medicine and the difference key individuals made to the development of medicine through time.

  • Harvey
  • Jenner
  • ParĂ©
  • Vesalius
  • Revision notes

Revolution in Medicine

Use this section to revise the rapid changes of medicine in the 19th and early 20th century.

  • Improvements in Public Health
  • Revolution in Surgery
  • Germ Theory

Timeline: Medicine Through Time

Play: revision games

Once you know your stuff test your knowledge with these fun interactive games.

  • Harvey's Heart Race
  • Jenner: Save the Village
  • Pare: Who wants to be a Barber Surgeon?
  • Vesalius' Problem

Watch: short revision videos

  • Watch: William Harvey
  • Watch: Edward Jenner
  • Watch: Ambroise ParĂ©
  • Watch: Andreas Vesalius

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